For more than a decade Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen has been working in a variety of media and materials to create visual responses to challenges within today’s society. Migration and disempowerment are some of his main areas of research. Larsen’s work can seen as visual anthropology. He is a curious individual with a profound need to understand and interpret the increasingly complex world.

Larsen has created projects in many places around the world: Between 2014 and 2016 the artist made the critically acclaimed  installation, End of Dreams. The work was partly produced in southern Italy. It is a monument made in memory of the thousands of migrants who die in the Mediterranean whilst trying to come to Europe. Larsen has also created work on the West Bank, and portrayed Indian migrant workers in Dubai (and their families in Kerala, India); he has made films with second generation immigrants in council estates in suburbs of Paris, and Århus, Denmark; he has worked with migrants in Calais, France, as they attempt the highly dangerous and near impossible task of getting into England. He has portrayed a farming community in North Western Turkey on the Turkish/Greek border, which has been highly affected by the flow of migrants who cross their village on their way to the EU. Larsen has spent time in New Delhi portraying a group of rappers and breakdancers from the lowest cast for an exhibition at Tate Modern, London.

Arguably, Larsen has earned his international reputation as a filmmaker and videoinstallation artist, but parallel to this production is a comprehensive production of sculptures, photography and photogravure. The installation End of Dreams, which combines all these media, recently won him the Danish Art Prize: Inga & Ejvind Kold Christensen’s Fund’s Honorary Award 2016.



Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen (born in Denmark 1971) studied a BA honours in Sculpture at Chelsea College of Art (1999) and an MA in Fine Art & Media Art at Slade school of Fine Art, London (2001). Larsen lives and works in Paris, France and has exhibited extensively around the world. Recent solo exhibitions include: End of Dreams, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, Denmark (2016) and SALT Galata, Istanbul, Turkey (2015); Promised Land, Dilston Grove, London (2013); 343 Perspectives, Peckham Space, London (2012); From The Edge, DCA (Dundee Contemporary Art), Scotland (2012); Promised Land, Galerie Vanessa Quang, Paris (2012) & PiST///, Istanbul (2012); Contes de la périphérie, Maison du Danemark, Paris (2010); Do Not Use, Revolver Galeria, Lima, Peru (2010); Rising Floating Falling, Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg, Denmark (2004). Recent group exhibitions include: Call me by my Name: Stories From Calais and Beyond, Migration Museum Project, London, England (2016); The Water Knows All my Secrets, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, USA (2015); Capturer l'éphémère, Galerie Vanessa Quang, Paris (2015); Displacements, ExElettrofonica Gallery, Rome, Italy (2015); Sharjah Biennale 12 - Official Film Programme, Sharjah, U.A.E (2015); Chassés-croisés, tours et détours autour du détroit, FRAC Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France (2014); Word. Sound. Power., Tate Modern, London, UK (2013) and KOHJ, New Delhi, India (2014); Estuary, Museum of London - Docklands, UK (2013); Freedom, Kunstpalais, Erlangen, Germany (2013); In Spite of it All, Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE (2012); Together, Trondheim Art Museum, Norway (2012); Thessaloniki Biennial 3, Greece (2011), Folkestone Triennial, UK (2011); Looped, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Utah, USA (2011); Changing Stakes: Contemporary Art Dialogues with Dubai, Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto, Canada (2011); Sharjah Biennial editions 6 & 9, UAE (2003 & 2009); Une vision du monde, La Maison Rouge, Paris, France. 


Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen's work is represented in public and private collections in Denmark, England, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Norway, Peru, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United States - including Museum of London, England, Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE and Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, and the Isabelle & Jean-Conrad Lemaitre Video Collection, Paris, France.