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'Contes de la périphérie' (2010)
Various video formats
48 minutes
DoP: Jonas Mortensen and students from College Fabien
Sound design and mix: Mikkel H. Eriksen
Original music: Søren Zahle

A film made in collaboration with teenagers from Saint Denis, a suburb outside Paris often associated with high levels of crime, unemployment and riots. During 6 months the director inspired young people from the area to tell their stories. With simple video cameras and the video function on their mobile phones they made touching portraits describing everyday life, their feelings and aspirations.

'Contes de la périphérie' and a film made in collaboration with young people from the Danish suburb of Gellerupparken have been released on DVD.


The project is funded by The Danish Arts Council; Ambassade du Danemark, Paris; Maison du Danemark, Paris.ari

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