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Arise (2013), HD video, stereo, 42 minutes

'Arise' is filmed in Khirki Village - an area of New Delhi. The film follows the lives of Hari, Sandeep and Freezak - three young men from the lower castes. United through hip-hop culture, dance, rap and poetry - Arise highlights their attempts to find expression and empowerment despite their caste status. DoP: Jonas MortensenSound design and mix: Mikkel H. Eriksen

They have come this far, and I think they can succeed through the medium of art. But it won’t be easy. I’ve seen how they have moved ahead despite poverty and problems. Eventhough they still face hardship, they’ll keep moving ahead. They’ll rise through their art.
Amarnath - Hari’s brother


Commissioned by Tate Modern, London & Khoj, New Delhi for the exhibition Word. Sound. Power.


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